Landscape & construction criteria

Each one of our developments is governed by a landscape and construction criteria document. This manual was prepared by a firm of professional planners and outlines the objectives and criteria which guide the construction of your home and the development of each property. The manual must be respected to ensure the growth of a harmonious country community in which the values and environmental qualities that first brought us to the region are forever protected.

Respecting the criteria will help protect the value of your investment and preserve the beauty and quality of the environment. Your future chalet is to harmonize with the mountains and forest, using natural materials, slanted steep roofs, a rustic allure that shows a certain complexity and attention to architectural detail.

Tree clearing :

  • Minimum dimensions at ground level for build: 65 m²,
  • Maximum dimensions at ground level for build: 4 % of lot surface area,
  • Maximum tree clearing: 5x the residence footprint.

Material choices: durable, natural or natural–looking, wood, stone, etc.

Home and roof are to have warm colors; harmonize with the natural surrounding environment.

The height of your home is not to exceed 9 meters above ground floor while staying below tree line.

We have worked for several years with the Groupe Daniel Arbour & Associés, an urban and regional landscaping study and consulting firm which specializes in creating quality living environments that are in tune with nature and financially viable. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, Daniel Arbour & Associés has supervised or participated in several major projects in the Laurentian region.

credit: Structure de bois rond Harkins Riverbend Timber Framing – Roger Wade