Michèle & Hervé Petit, owners in Secret Life

« We thought of Quebec as an unrealistic dream! We met the DTN team in March, during their visit to Nice. During this time, which was serious as well as friendly, we decided to purchase a lot with confidence. Upon our arrival at the airport, Franck was there to pick us up however he did not know how hard his week was going to be! Visiting the domains, the region but specifically the many questions we had. During our stay, we felt very welcomed, not like customers, but like friends, even like a distant family… Ah the famous cousins!!
We chose a lot for its marvelous views, and we impatiently wait to see these throughout the various seasons. Now, since our return to France, we have been making plans… and holidays, but also a house.
A big thank you to DTN to have allowed us to fulfill our dream!!! »

Michèle & Hervé Petit, owners in Secret Life.

Alain Chavaillaz, owner in Nostalgia


« A large thank you to Richard and his wife Josée for their warm reception and hospitality at the Ranch. Nicole and Gilbert accompanied me during my visit to this splendid region of Val des Lacs. I would particularly like to thank them for their availability and kindness as they drove me around throughout the various projects. It was a real pleasure to be in their company during these 4 days, a lovely couple awaits you ... Gilbert always said, once you arrive to the region, a feeling overcomes you that you cannot explain, even by the best scientists!
I can conclude, it is true, and it is for this reason that I chose to purchase a lot in the Nostalgia project. I am delighted to say that I will build a beautiful log home there, very soon! All the best to everyone at DTN. »

Alain Chavaillaz, owner in Nostalgia.


Eric Richard, owner in Port d'Attache


« I appreciate the professional side at DTN, a very sympathetic reception when I arrived and a team that does not have “big heads”! And especially, the beauty of the site, the possibilities for sports are endless, magnificent trail walks as well as the proximity of the famous international resort Mont Tremblant. I wish you much success in this great adventure. »

Eric Richard, owner in Port d’Attache.



« How did it all start... For the last 3 years we have surfed the web from BC to New Brunswick in search of a piece of CANADA so that Mireille & Patrick Carter, owners in Secret Lifewe could enjoy the 4 seasons. Mireille asked that we focus on the Mont Tremblant region. We sent an email to the DTN web site and our English e-mail was immediately answered by Nancy Houston. Nancy provided us with all the Project details for us to decide which would best suit our dreams. After 4 months of exchanging emails and phone calls, we arranged a time that would best fit our schedule; we finally were able to come and visit this past March, 2010. We were welcomed by Nancy who guided us throughout the projects and the region. We found a piece of land in Secret Life that would best fit our requirements for building our dream home in the woods with SPECTACUALR views! The DTN development owners; Richard and Josee and their TEAM  not only had a warm welcome for potential purchasers, but seriously kind hearted, embraced outsiders and proved worthy to their Mission and cause: WE ARE HERE TO STAY FOR YOU and HOPE YOU ARE HERE TO STAY WITH US. THANK YOU to the owners Richard and Josée  for their warm QUEBEC CANADIAN welcome to their Ranch, to the DTN developments and the DTN TEAM. We look forward to being part of your developments for years to come. Warm Regards, Patrick and Mireille from France. »

Mireille & Patrick Carter, owners in Secret Life.

Jean-Michel & Jeanine Muys, owners in Nostalgia, with Franck & Cyrille Iacomacci, Josée Champagne & 'Tilou !


« From dream to reality, all became possible from our visit with the DTN team.  A small comfortable nest for our family in the heart of the Laurentian mountains, our realization was passionately brought forth in collaboration with DTN, Yves (AFYLA Construction) and his team, all who are very respectful of nature.  Warm, friendly atmosphere and full of humanity, this charming place will seduce you from your very first encounter.  We have only one small hiccup to overcome,  to get organized and find the time to reunite with our family at our new home in Nostalgia! »

The Muys's, owners in Nostalgia.


The Balducci’s, owners at Nostalgia


« June 2009 It has been 20 years since we have been dreaming and finally last June our dream came true: To visit Quebec. During a hockey match in Lausanne we became acquainted with Serge and Gilbert and found out about the Laurentian region of Quebec. We benefitted from our trip and visited the various DTN projects. To the great surprise of our family, we invested in a piece of land in Nostalgia. This gave “birth” to a new dream: To build our home in Quebec which would anchor us to this magnificent country! »

The Balducci’s, owners at Nostalgia.



 Valérie Dubreuil, owner in Nostalgia & Hémisphère Nord

 « In November 2007, during a discovery vacation at the Ranch Inn, my daughter, husband and I  thoroughly appreciated the warm welcome of the owners; Richard and Josée and their team. Franck toured us around all the developments. I was in awe by the majestic and wild landscape that l can only summarize as "a paradise of wide open spaces". The first two days of our visit were sufficient for me to decide that I would become an owner of my first piece of land, followed by a second plot four months later. Now, my objective is the construction of our "chalet in Canada" with hope to come and live their very soon... »

Valérie Dubreuil, owner in Nostalgia & Hémisphère Nord.


Jennifer Myny & Mathew Whales, owners in Nostalgia

« Before Matt and I met you and decided to purchase our lot with DTN we had seriously been considering purchasing an apartment in Europe. We really liked the property we had narrowed our search down to - and we met with the agent/property agency on more than one occasion. We both decided in the end that no matter how great the property seemed, we both wanted to go with a 'seller' that we felt we could trust, and that turned out to be DTN ”. 
We are really glad that we did our research and made an informed decision... and that we trusted our personal judgment and decided we were better off buying in Québec with DTN.

Jennifer Myny & Mathew Whales, owners in Nostalgia.



Christine et Jean-François Vez, propriétaires à Nostalgia


« Between 2007 and 2008, we felt in love with the beauty of your region and from there acquired 3 lots located in your developments ; Nostalgia, Hémisphère Nord and Port d'Attache. Our choice was concentrated on the lot in Nostalgia to build our secondary home in log construction. »

Christine & Jean-François Vez, owners in Nostalgia.


  • Congratulations ! Their log home, built by Structures de bois rond Harkins Inc., and Maisons Layon was completed in July2010!

Livio, owner in Hémisphère Nord


« It is never too late!!! In November 2007, at the age of 84, I decided to invest with DTN. From France I purchased the last 2 remaining lots in Hemisphere Nord. As my ambitions drive me forward, this summer me and my wife plan to visit the ranch and our 2 properties. »

Livio, owner in Hémisphère Nord.


Phil et Heather, owners in Hémisphère Nord


« from England, we found you through google and after visiting the ranch in July 06, purchased a lot in Hemisphere Nord. We are presently having our dream home constructed. We hope to split our time between our new home in the Laurentian mountains and England. »

Phil & Heather, owners in Hémisphère Nord.


Vente de terrain Quebec Mont Tremblant