Invest differently

By Martin Provencher

L'immobilier en 2025, investir autrement, a book of Martin Provencher released by La Presse editions Quebec real estate expert Martin Provencher has just published the above noted book with Editions La Presse. His work analyzes the current planetary changes that demonstrate the relevance of selective horizontal real estate investment. Scarcity creates demand, this is well-known. As we progress, we will reach 8 billion inhabitants over the next decade and a half. As land on earth becomes less available to use, there is less and less livable space; fertile grounds transforming into deserts, ocean levels rising, ground erosion due to human activity, an exponential increase in all types of pollution; in short, more people, less space! This is where the relevance of selective horizontal real estate investment lies.
The development of the middle-class countries of the BRIC will hugely create a movement towards large environmentally, healthy and safe spaces. Naturally, these people will seek what is most precious to them: healthy air, clean water, green space and the physical safety of people, goods and property. As the author wrote: “To conclude, human beings multiply, therefore requiring more resources which in turn require inevitably more space, much more space! The foundation of real estate being LAND, the future of investors will no longer question how many apartments they have, but rather how many square meters they have”, thus; horizontal real estate investment.

Selective, equally important, means property location in a relevant and attractive environment. Moreover, it states “that this founded tendency for this type of investment is building up a little everywhere around the world: regrouping residential properties into a protected domain. People are no longer satisfied to purchase just a lot, they want to be able to control the access to their property and protect it by making sure that there is homogeneity with the different construction styles allowed and neighbors. ”

Martin Provencher, l'auteur du livre

Which area of the world can we hope to meet these needs for the next decade? We agree with the author when he states: “… I firmly believe that Nostradamus was absolutely right when he qualified our piece of land as a sanctuary. We have space, water, the safety of people and goods, respect for private property, and an environment that is still healthy, awe-inspiring nature and enormous energy that is renewable and green! It is no doubt that our corner of the country has all the necessary assets to become the real estate investment “location” worldwide. I am convinced! ”


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